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Collaborative Literacy

Collaborative Literacy is a suite of programs that provides a classroom management system, systematic phonics instruction, word study, comprehension, and knowledge building, through Being a Reader and Being a Writer for grades K-5.


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SIPPS® (Systematic Instruction Phonological Awareness, Phonics, and Sight Words) is a research-based foundational skills program proven to help both new and struggling readers in grades K–12, including English learners and students identified with dyslexia.

Caring School Communities

Caring School Community® is a comprehensive, research-based social and emotional learning program that builds school-wide community and develops students’ social skills.


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Okapi Print and Digital books

Okapi Educational Publishing provides digital titles, content based learning, Spanish titles and our award winning Flying Start Literacy.


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Next Level Libraries

Next Level Libraries provide curated collections of books that meet the unique needs of your students, from decodable books, graphic novels to classic literature, Next Level will create the libraries you need.

We are Here to Help!
We work with Administrators, Literacy Leaders and Teachers to make sure our programs will support your curriculum, develop strong instruction, and successful students.

Mimi is a former teacher who loved teaching reading workshop and math.  Because of her own experience as a mom of three boys, with three very different learning styles, she is a strong advocate of educational equity for all kinds of learners.  Mimi is currently on the board of the DG Kids, a community organization that serves children with visual impairments.  She is a newly converted native plant gardener and spends time playing ball with her favorite child, Poppy.

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Our Mission When 
Working with Schools...

Educate:  We partner with district leaders to identify resources that will provide an equitable education for all students.

Inform: We will work alongside you to develop Professional Learning Plans that will assure the success of your curriculum implementation.

Inspire: We believe that a caring community of adults can open up a world of possibilities for our children!

Deb recently retired after 30 years in education. Her years as a classroom teacher, reading specialist, and instructional coach provide a strong foundation for helping clients choose the right resources. She has worked closely with urban school districts to improve literacy while embracing diversity and culturally responsive teaching practices. Deb lives in Kansas City with her husband and two daughters. In her free time, she enjoys watching her girls play lacrosse and reading.

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Learn With Us! 

Student Success begins with Successful Teachers

The Collaborative Classroom offers virtual Professional Learning on a wide range of topics: the Science of Reading, Writing Workshop, SEL,  Literacy Coaching, and more! You do not have to have purchased our materials to benefit from our workshops.

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